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Married couples are almost always legally bound to each other, even after a divorce is final. This is especially true when there are children involved. As your life changes post-divorce, your family law agreements may need to be modified as well to reflect your family's changing needs.

At Werner Law Offices, located in Amarillo, Texas, custody modification attorney Stewart R. Werner represents individuals and families in complex family law matters that arise after a divorce is final. With more than 30 years as an experienced and dedicated lawyer who delivers personal service and care to each of his clients, he achieves swift, effective results in issues of family law, personal injury, estate planning, business law and all manner of civil litigation issues.

Modification Of Divorce Agreements

Any change to a divorce agreement must be backed up by evidence of a significant lifestyle change. A substantial change could involve remarriage, loss of employment, bankruptcy, relocation, medical care, or issues related to the safety and well-being of a child (i.e., a parent who has developed a substance abuse problem). Keep in mind that child support payments are protected under the law, even when the payer has suffered a dramatic financial hardship. Werner Law Offices can help you craft new arrangements that meet your and your family's needs as your life continues to change.

Enforcement Of Divorce Agreements

Despite the existence of thorough divorce agreements, one party may fail to uphold the terms of the agreement. This could involve a parent who fails to allow for adequate visitation time, a parent who uses child support payments for personal gain rather than the care of the child, or a parent who relocates without proper notification to or arrangements with the other parent. Stewart R. Werner confidently handles residency restrictions and relocation litigation, visitation rights violations, child support enforcements and other issues of contempt after a divorce is final.

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