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For over 40 years, Stewart Werner has had the privilege helping clients achieve meaningful solutions to their civil and family litigation needs. For a full-service firm that works directly with you, contact Werner Law Offices today.

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Civil and family litigation issues are, at their core, disagreements about responsibilities—someone is not doing what he or she is obligated to do. Whether these issues involve a marriage, a business, or any other dispute, we help you find effective ways to resolve your issues while trying to conserve your finances and peace of mind.

We offer solutions for family law, business law and many other civil disputes. You can turn to us when:

  • Filing or defending a divorce
  • Filing or defending a suit affecting parent-child relationship
  • Filing or defending a lawsuit
  • Probating a will or administering an estate
  • Drafting a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement
  • Creating a business organization

We are also passionate advocates for the injured and can help you pursue your rights and the support you need after an injury.

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A Wealth Of Information Is At Your Fingertips

The law thrives on information. The more you know, the more power you have in negotiations and the more you can apply the law to achieve your goals. Our firm helps you embrace your position by identifying case-critical information like:

  • What are the range of outcomes you can expect from your case?
  • How does the legal system view your case in a typical situation, and what makes your case distinct?
  • Is negotiation or litigation your best opportunity to achieve your goals?

You are not alone; Werner Law Offices is a strong advocate who has the capacity to help you with your legal matter. We focus on personalized attention and zealous advocacy.

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For over 40 years, founding attorney Stewart R. Werner has brought the focus, attention and legal know-how to a wide range of cases.

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