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Should parents set up specific visitation pick-up locations?

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Going through a divorce leads changes many people’s lives. Texas families may contend with scheduling and other responsibilities related to visitation rights. Parents might find some unexpected troubles arise when confusion exists over picking up and dropping off the child on visitation day. Does one ex-spouse pick the child up at the other parent’s location? Is someone supposed to drop the child off at the other parent’s home? Perhaps setting up a particular pick-up and drop-off location seems advisable.

Setting up a neutral location for picking up and dropping off the child may prove advisable. Choosing a neutral and safe location might be best when divorced spouses do not get along. One ex-spouse might become aggressive with the other parent, and such scenes would not be beneficial for the child.

Speaking with an attorney about setting up a neutral location may be helpful. The courts and local government agencies might need to be involved. The neutral location must be a safe one. Also, working with the courts and local officials puts both spouses on the record regarding the decision.

Even when the divorce is amicable, there should be a documented arrangement about visitation pick-ups and drop-offs. If one parent takes the responsibility to drop the child off, the other could accept responsibility for bringing the child back to the other residence. Things might work out more smoothly when proper pre-planning occurs.

Parents should also make sure the trip up and back remains a safe one. Is there a child safety seat in the transporting vehicles? Are the vehicles safe to drive? If any concerns arise, a visit to court might become necessary.

A family law attorney may help parents who have concerns regarding visitation agreements. Speaking with an attorney might prove helpful if disputes arise.