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Benefits of sharing custody after divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Couples who get divorced usually do so because they no longer want to live together. That does not mean you don’t want to live with your children. Many Texas parents remain in the same home together for years solely because they do not want to be away from their kids. When you decide to get divorced, there are some things to consider regarding custody of your children.

Sole versus joint conservatorship

Sole conservatorship means that one parent is responsible for making all decisions regarding the couple’s children. The children live with that parent and they decide where they will go to school, what sports they will play and who will provide their medical care. Joint conservatorship, on the other hand, is an arrangement where both parents play a role in making these decisions. The children typically spend time in both homes. Joint conservatorship is preferred by divorce court judges.

Benefits of joint conservatorship

Children benefit from the emotional and financial support of both parents. Your kids will get a chance to get to know you better without their other parent around. This type of arrangement could also benefit you as a parent. Instead of one parent having to deal with all of the day-to-day issues, both parents share the responsibilities. This may result in less stress and responsibility for each of you, leaving you both with more energy to be present with your children.

Separating from your spouse doesn’t mean you have to leave your children too. Unless there are special circumstances such as family violence, child abuse or drug addiction, the court will likely ask you to work together to create a parenting plan that works for your family.