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Child support: What changes during unemployment?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Child Support |

Tough times will hit most people, and they usually call for a change in how you use money each month. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce or put on hold certain debt in Texas and across the country. But what about child support? Children need funds to eat and live, right? What happens if you are suddenly unemployed and need to pay your child support? Read on to learn additional information about this very important issue and the options you have at your disposal.

Child support deductions

When a person becomes unemployed, they can usually apply for unemployment within their respective state. This means that the government will provide some monetary relief until they are able to find employment. But what does that mean for child support?

When one applies for unemployment, they will need to disclose child support information. This will tell the government that half of the unemployment check must go toward the child.

Will your child support decrease or increase?

Understandably, parents want to know how much exactly they will lose each month. Your state will take into consideration how much your life has changed during unemployment. If a divorce has changed things and you are only using your unemployment check to live, for example, then the amount taken out will be at the 50% mark.

Common challenges

A common challenge seen by parents is having unemployment funds taken out even when they already paid their month’s child support. In this case, you must place a claim as soon as possible. A review of your case will occur, and if a court finds evidence of prior payment, then you may receive a refund for the amount taken out of your check.

Unemployment funds can be a complex process to navigate, especially if a situation involves child support. Thus, it is incredibly important to consider having an attorney on standby if your spouse decides to demand more than just your unemployment funds.