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Is it time to ask for a guardianship for an aging loved one?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Guardianships |

Some people age so well that the years hardly seem to matter at all. Others experienced a sharp decline in mental acuity shortly after they retire. Factors ranging from underlying health issues and family genetics to personality may influence the experiences people have as they grow older.

If you have parents who are already long retired, you may have started to notice signs that aging has begun to catch up with them. Eventually, some older adults will require support, like a guardianship, because of how age affects them. Guardianship means assuming control over someone’s finances and major decisions, like medical care.

How do you know if it is time to go to the Texas courts and ask for a guardianship? 

When a loved one makes major oversights

Typically, adults understand that they need to pay their rent on time and balance their budget to afford groceries the last week of the month. Adults living on a fixed income need to be cautious about how they use their money.

Avoiding late fees by paying on time can be crucial to stretching retirement savings and Social Security benefits as far as possible. Older adults who begin missing payments or sending them in late frequently could have issues with cognitive decline that they don’t want to discuss with their loved ones yet. Missing medical appointments, failing to buy groceries and otherwise not meeting their own needs can be warning signs that an older adult needs someone else to support and guide them.

When a doctor makes a significant diagnosis

It can be hard to see things clearly when you love someone. People may overstate the impact of mild slip-ups because of how much they worry about their parents. On the other hand, some people will excuse away or ignore obvious signs of cognitive decline because they don’t like to imagine losing their parents.

Denial can be easier than facing the harsh truth of how age can diminish someone’s ability. A diagnosis with a terminal condition or serious issues like Alzheimer’s disease may be the shock that family members need to ask for guardianship and start actively protecting their aging loved one. Learning about guardianship in Texas can help you feel confident about stepping up for someone you love.