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4 tips for handling a contested divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Family Law |

When you’re dealing with a contested divorce, you may find that you have a number of conflicts with your spouse. It can be hard to handle the legal aspects of a divorce as well as trouble with your interpersonal relationships, but it’s possible to make your life easier by sticking to a few tips for those dealing with contested divorces.

Here are four options that may help you handle your contested divorce, so you can feel more confident as you move through this process and resolve your divorce-related issues.

  1. Stay the bigger person

It can be hard to remain the calmer, bigger person during a divorce when your spouse is trying to cause conflicts, but you should do your best to try. If you are approached by a spouse who is argumentative or combative, you have the option of walking away or trying to defuse the situation. It’s better not to add to the conflict whenever possible.

  1. Have your attorney contact their attorney

Sometimes, spouses do things that you need to have handled but don’t want to deal with yourself. For example, if your ex is talking badly about you to your children, you should ask your attorney to contact theirs and put a stop to that behavior. This will make sure the conversation is noted and that there is a record of your request.

  1. Consider settling

If your spouse is combative but has settlement terms that are largely acceptable, you may want to consider doing so. Even if you lose out on a small amount of money or an asset, you have to weigh what’s more important. For some, walking away is the better option.

  1. Consider taking your case before a judge

Finally, if your spouse is truly abusive or forcing the divorce to drag on, it may be time to involve a judge. Build a strong case for what you want to get out of your marriage, and let a judge handle your ex’s behavior.

These are four options to help you handle your contested divorce. Regardless of what you’re going through now, there are ways to resolve your divorce and help you move on.