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3 steps couples often take before deciding to divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Divorce |

Deciding to divorce is a huge decision that will completely change your family and your future. It is only natural that you want to give your relationship every opportunity despite the challenges you currently face. Many couples can work through conflicts and preserve their marriages despite experiencing a temporary decline in their relationship or feeling the after-effects of marital misconduct.

Issues like infidelity or changing personal values might lead to one spouse or possibly both of them believing that in divorce is the best option for their family. However, before you file for divorce and irrevocably change your life, you may first want to make every reasonable effort to repair or salvage your relationship.

What steps do couples often take before they actually file for divorce?

  1. A separation or a sleep divorce

If incompatible schedules or medical issues like sleep apnea have made sharing a bedroom a nightmare, sleeping in separate rooms can help resolve the relationship pressure caused by sleep deprivation. Some couples are able to reignite the mystery and romance of their relationships by giving each other more space.

Other couples simply need even more space to evaluate their situation and make decisions about their personal priorities. Temporary separation is sometimes an important step for those hoping to preserve their relationship despite their current challenges.

  1. A postnuptial agreement

If it seems like divorce is very likely and you worry that the end of your marriage could become very ugly very quickly, you may want to act now to reduce the likelihood of a contentious, litigated divorce in the future.

Postnuptial agreements can establish how you will handle property division and custody matters and can even impose penalties if one spouse continues to engage in marital misconduct that has previously damaged the relationship. They can also help you work on your relationship and overcome your current challenges.

  1. Couple’s therapy

Marital counseling or couples therapy has an unfair, negative reputation. Many couples are able to work through their issues with proper support. A therapist can serve as a mediator and can also teach the couple new skills to help them overcome conflicts and better communicate with one another.

Choosing to pursue alternative Solutions before you file for divorce can give you peace of mind about that decision and can reduce the tensions that arise during the dissolution process.